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so you say you want to make movies...

Perhaps the most frequently asked question concerning the I.F.V.C. is whether or not we have access to production equipment. Yes...and no.

The I.F.V.C. is not directly affiliated with any one university department and therefore does not have access to departmental equipment. However, being a group of individuals interested in film and video, many of us own personal cameras, tripods, lights, etc.

Moreover, we are friendly with the folks and facilities at WYOU (public access cable channel 4) where both production and post-production equipment can be found. In addition to WYOU's post-production facilities, all UW students have access to a some frightfully underutilized computer editing tools housed in the second floor computer lab of the H.C. White Library.

As a passionate and poor student group, our strength lies in pre-production since the creation of ideas remains relatively affordable and incredibly valuable. We get an idea on the table and then pool together, rustle up, and chase down the necessary material resources. Film and video production is a primary goal of the I.F.V.C. - it simply requires a fair amount of low-cost problem solving.

Recent collaborative projects:

  • H2O - (Spring 2000) a four minute, 8mm short film.
  • Erde - (Spring 2001) an 8mm short, currently in production.

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