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about the ifvc


When: Thursday evenings at 5:30pm.
Where: The Vilas Media Center, room 3160 // 821 University Avenue.


We have an experienced staff advisor as well as access to well-informed and down-right friendly individuals who are always happy to address film and video related questions, be they technical, aesthetic, or otherwise. Screenings of past projects and works in progress are welcome at meetings and can sometimes help to assess old ideas and/or kickstart new ones.


This web page and our zine will help to support and communicate the group's activities in addition to entertaining and educating folks, and IFVC Shorts is an excellent way to see some of the types of film being produced by people in this neck of the woods.

The I.F.V.C. can hopefully support if not provide things to which minds may be set. In the spirit of keepin' it real, we will set our sights on goals of the highly attainable as well as attainably high variety (a saying that ought certainly to exist in immaculately framed needlepoint on somebody's grandmother's living room wall).

The IFVC is also involved with the UW-Arts Institute, and is one of the co-coordinators of the Wisconsin Film Festival. We are also working on developing a working relationship with film groups from Milwaukee and continuing a working relationship with other film groups in Madison.

We also solicit filmmakers to speak and show their work.


(to be added soon.)

To those of you already involved with the Collaborative, this is just a recap of what you've heard before, but even so, I urge you to spread the word...because when you spread the word you share the wealth. For anyone who is not familiar with the I.F.V.C., however, feel free to drop by a meeting anytime your heart desires.

If any of you have questions, comments, ideas or otherwise, please feel free to email or call alyska or Joe. otherwise, we'll see you on Thursday.


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